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There are a number of mouse species  present in the UK many of which go completely unnoticed mainly because of their timid nature. However there are three species of mouse that have taken advantage of what man has to offer.

The House Mouse (Mus Domesticus) is the most common of the three weighing between 15 - 30g and will live in domestic, industrial & commercial buildings all year round, their small size is a disadvantage when it comes to competing with other mouse species, but enables them to enter buildings though the smallest of gaps. They are prolific breeders and if their food supply is plentiful numbers can increase at an alarming rate.

The Field Mouse  (Apodemus slvaticus) is a timid creature and will rarely enter occupied buildings, a similar size to the House Mouse adults weighting between 20 - 30g they are primarily outdoor creatures, but will seek indoor shelter during the winter months.

Yellow Necked Field Mouse (Apodemus Flavicollis) is the largest of the three mice weighting between 15 - 45g not a common pest, but have been known to enter buildings, particularly during the winter months.

The control of mice can be challenging, they are very choosey about what they eat. The deployment of toxic bait can sometimes have little effect, particularly when competing with alternative food sources.

House Mouse (Mus Domesticus)

Field Mouse (Apodemus slvaticus)

Yellow Necked Field Mouse     (Apodemus Flavicollis)