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There are more than 50 species of flea in the UK and some of these in the past have been the vector of serious disease to both humans and other animals. The black death in 1348 was passed from rats to humans by the Oriental Rat Flea, and in more recent times the Rabbit Flea was mainly responsible for the spread of myxomatosis among rabbits. The different species of flea have a number of things in common their reproductive life cycle are similar and all adults feed on warm blooded creatures.

From a pest control respective the most common fleas that are encountered are the Cat Flea,Dog Flea and Bird Fleas, the later being made up of a number of different species, and not surprisingly domestic animals such as cats and dogs are normally host to the first two.

The treatment of fleas must start with the host, there are a number of flea treatments available for both cats and dogs and advise should be sort from your Vet  about the application of these treatments. Once this has been done the sleeping areas of your pet will have to be treated starting with the disposal or cleaning of bedding, these areas will then be vacuumed and sprayed with an insecticide along with any other suspect areas.

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